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Why Online Beauty Trends Are Actually Harmful

rectangle February 19, 2020 /

The internet can be fickle when it comes to researching at-home beauty treatments with what you have in your pantry. Truth be told, just because you are mixing up all organic ingredients for your at-home face mask, does not mean it’s actually good for your skin.

Charcoal Peels Are Stripping Your Skin

It seems like charcoal took the beauty trend market by storm with its promise to clear your skin of all its impurities. Fact of the matter is that charcoal is actually stripping your skin of its healthy cell growth, drying out your face, in turn making your face oilier because your skin is overproducing oil to combat the dryness that is left behind. Charcoal scrubs, peels and sheet masks are not only harmful for positive skin cell growth, but everyone’s skin is different. Consulting a real skin care professional can help you find the secret skin care formula that works specifically for your skin.

Combining Skin Care Products Can Be Harmful

Knowing the “secret formula” to helping your skin is very important. In rare cases, combining different types of formulas of skin care lines can cause chemical reactions, leaving your skin irritated. Speaking with a skin care professional about what types of products will work for your skin is key to making sure you don’t harm your skin.

“Natural” Beauty Trends Can Contract Nasty Bacteria

Mixing up household items to make your own skin care routine “organic” is not always what’s best for you. Mixing ingredients like citrus, peppermint, lavender and menthol can cause your skin to become inflamed and irritated. Some people have reported using coconut oil to help soften your skin and keep it moisturized; this is harmful to your skin and keeps your skin from breathing, resulting in your pores becoming clogged causing breakouts. Storing homemade beauty products can lead to bacteria growth and in turn be very harmful to your skin.

Some “Sheet Masks” Aren’t FDA Regulated

Because some sheet masks are not regulated by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) they could contain some pretty harmful ingredients that can leave your skin less than refreshed.

Trust A Professional with Your Facial Aesthetic Needs

Here at Sona Dermatology and MedSpa, we’re dedicated to giving you the latest and the best skin care. Everyone’s skin care routine should be unique and relative to their skin’s make-up; that’s where we come in. To schedule your Sona Dermatologist appointment, click here.

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