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SkinMedica Sunscreen

rectangle May 21, 2015 /

Premature aging of the skin is most commonly caused by the sun. And while we can minimize the appearance of sun damage with makeup, laser treatment, or other aesthetic procedures, it’s still important to wear sunscreen every single day.

But what kind of sunscreen?  At Sona MedSpa we recommend and offer SkinMedica’s Daily Physical Defense SPF 30+ Sunscreen and Environmental Defense Sunscreen SPF 50+ with UV Pro-Plex. Product selection may vary by location.

There are big differences between other sunscreens and SkinMedica’s Sunscreens. Most sunscreens have chemical agents that sink into the skin absorbing harmful rays. Where as, SkinMedica’s Daily Physical Defense 30+ Sunscreen is an all mineral physical sunscreen that sits on top of the skin acting as a physical block and actually reflects the sun’s harmful rays instead of absorbing them. SkinMedica’s sunscreen does this with the proprietary blend of Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. They also added Green Tea Leaf Extract and Caffeine to provide powerful antioxidant protection. This unique formula gives you broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection without the heavy white coating you’re used to seeing with other sunscreens.

SkinMedica’s Sunscreens are recommended to everyone, especially those with sensitive skin and those who recently had a peel, laser treatment, or other aesthetic procedures because it’s so gentle. This sunscreen is also recommended to those who have allergic reactions to chemical sunscreens and tend to be acne prone.

But we aren’t the only one recommending SkinMedica’s Sunscreens …





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