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Laser Hair Removal – Does The Technology Really Matter?

rectangle August 11, 2014 /

Being an informed consumer is more important than ever in an age of overpromising and under delivering. But, let’s be serious, how often do you research lasers? When choosing the company to provide your laser hair removal services, it’s important to understand that there are real differences and the laser you’re being treated with really does matter.

Here’s a quick overview of how laser hair removal works:

Laser hair removal technology is the use of an invisible beam of light and a constant source of heat that enters the hair follicle, disabling and then destroying it at its root while preserving the surrounding skin. Different laser technologies exist to accomplish the same goal of removing hair. This begs the question – what is the difference in the technology that is used?

A recent, independent study stated[1] that diode lasers are the “gold standard to remove unwanted hair.”  The study revealed that the Soprano® diode laser eliminated 90% of hair after 5 treatments, while others in the study eliminated only 74% to 85% of hair. The study also showed that these diode lasers caused significantly less discomfort and long-term adverse effects than other lasers such as Alexandrite and YAG. Sona MedSpa exclusively employs Soprano® diode lasers through our partnership with Alma Lasers™ for laser hair removal. We believe, through our experience and research, that diode lasers give our clients the ultimate combination of effectiveness and safety.

Like many technologies, laser hair removal is consistently advancing and improving quality. Although the technologies can seem very similar, there are real differences in the effectiveness, comfort level, and safety of the lasers used to remove hair. Make sure you’re getting the best technology and the most effective treatment – ask what laser will be used for your treatments

[1]Comparison of High-fluence, Single-pass Diode Laser to Low-fluence, Multiple-pass Diode Laser for Laser Hair Reduction with 18 Months of Follow Up – Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, January 2001

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