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Dry Skin During the Winter

rectangle January 17, 2019 /
dry skin

Many people can experience dry skin in the winter that results in flaking, itching, and cracking. Dry skin during the winter is generally a result of cold weather, low humidity and forced heat that will suck any to all moisture out of your skin. It is very difficult to heal and soothe your skin, so we’re offering some that will help create and lock in moisture.


Drinking water is important not only for your health but for your skin. Drinking water can help keep skin looking fresh and hydrated throughout the day. The temperature of water used while bathing and washing your hands can affect dry skin. Try to avoid long, hot showers, web source, suggests you bathe and wash your hands in lukewarm water, as hot water tends to strip oils away from the skin.

Skin Care

It is important to moisturize and to choose the right cleanser to help hydrate your skin. Choosing the right moisturizer is essential in treating dry skin. Sona provides top of the line SkinMedica products to help moisturize dry skin during the winter. A suggested product to help with dry skin is the Hydrating Complex, this cream is used before daily moisturizers to help enhance and lock in your daily lotions.  It is also important to use the right cleansers. The SkinMedica Facial Cleanser will remove the day’s dirt and grime, while also hydrating and keeping the skin smooth. Often times the most forgotten form of skin care during the winter months is sunscreen. The sun can still damage the skin in the winter, so it is important to use a good SPF, especially on your face and hands.


Removing dead skin during the winter is important when trying to keep skin fresh and hydrated. Using a gentle exfoliator on the hands, face and body will wash away dead skin cells so that moisturizers will be able to reach the skin and work to their fullest potential.  Try to avoid harsh treatments and masks during the winter months. Using professional services to help exfoliate the skin is a good option to ensure the best products for your skin are being used.  At Sona, we recommend the Dermal Infusion to exfoliate the skin. The Dermal Infusion is an exfoliation process that uses serums to help clarify, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. This treatment can be used on the face, neck, décolleté, upper back or upper arms, it goes deep in the skin to help hydrate


See a Specialist

If the skin starts to get uncomfortable and doesn’t respond to at home treatments seek out a dermatologist to help identify what the true problem. Eczema is common during the winter, which can be best diagnosed and treated by a dermatologist. There are many choices when it comes to skin care at Sona and we have great doctors that offer same day appointments and are ready to help out with any skin issues.

These are just a few ways to help treat dry skin during the winter months. Don’t worry spring humidity is right around the corner!


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