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Ask The Expert: 7 Questions with Ashley Wilson, Physician Assistant

rectangle January 15, 2015 /

When it comes to medical aesthetic treatments like Laser Hair Removal, Laser Skin Rejuvenation, and Body Contouring, you need confidence that the company you choose is truly an expert in the field.  We recently spoke with Ashley Wilson, Licensed Physician Assistant and Sona’s 2013 Provider of the Year, to get an expert point of view on Sona’s services, technology, and training.

“My favorite part of my job at Sona MedSpa is when a client tells me they love their results and wish they had come to us sooner. It feels great to provide treatments and services that improve someone’s confidence and really makes a difference in their life.” – Ashley Wilson

Meet Ashley from Sona’s Ballantyne Center in Charlotte, NC. She has been a Physician Assistant (PA) for 11 years and before joining the Sona team in 2011, worked in multiple medical specialties including surgery, family medicine, urgent care and pain management. She is board certified by the NCCPA (National Commission of Certification of Physician Assistants) and continues ongoing medical education in dermatology, aesthetics and other areas of medicine.

We asked Ashley to answer some of the most asked questions about Sona:

What would you say is Sona’s most popular treatment?
Definitely laser hair removal. We see clients of all ages, both male and female. I think most everyone has some area of hair they would like to get rid of. I have had the treatments done and love the results!

What is the biggest misconception you’ve encountered about the services that Sona offers?
Many people think that we only offer laser hair removal services and are surprised to find out about all of our other treatments when they first come in for a consultation. Also, most people believe that laser hair removal means 100% removal of every hair forever. We educate our client’s that our lasers are FDA approved for permanent reduction of hair. If more treatments are needed, we offer a wonderful Sona lifetime promise for clients to continue to have touch up treatments. Another misconception involves injectable treatments. A lot of women are interested in injectables (Botox & dermal fillers) but express concerns of looking like the Housewives of Orange County. I explain to clients that our goal is not to make anyone look like they have had something “done”, but rather look refreshed. We are aiming to enhance your natural features, not make you look like someone else.

What concerns do clients normally have at their first treatment and how do you make them feel comfortable?
Our clients are usually concerned about discomfort and what to expect after the treatments. Before any package is purchased, we evaluate our client’s medical history and skin to make sure they are an ideal candidate for the treatment they want. Our consultants and providers both explain what to expect before any treatment is started and if needed, a numbing cream can be provided for certain treatments. Throughout the treatment, we talk to our clients during each step and make sure they are doing okay. We always review what they can expect afterward and how to care for the treated areas.

What is an average day like for you at Sona?
Each day is different. Most days I see a lot of new clients to review their medical history and start their first treatments. I also see existing clients for follow up treatments. I do many injectable treatments including Botox and fillers. And, I evaluate potential clients to make sure they are a good candidate for the treatments they are interested in.

What was one of the most rewarding client transformations you’ve seen?
I had a client that came in for acne scarring on her face. She purchased a package of Pixel laser resurfacing treatments and was thrilled with the results after completing the package. She saw improvement in her skin’s texture and the scarring was much less noticeable, she said she felt more confident about her appearance and was able to leave the house without makeup for the first time in years!

What makes Sona MedSpa different from other med spas?
Sona offers a wide range of aesthetic treatments and has something for everyone. We provide treatments in a safe and effective way. We also really get to know our clients and look forward to seeing them come back!

Why should someone come in for a free consultation at Sona MedSpa?
Why not? It is a totally free consultation. The consultants are fantastic and really want to help you find a treatment that is right for you. The consultations also give you the opportunity to see our facility and meet our wonderful staff.

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