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A Personal Sona Story: I Love My Laser Hair Removal Results!

rectangle April 3, 2015 /

Women aren’t the only ones that want to get rid of their unwanted hair. For many men, it is a daily chore to shave (and some even wax) body hair that is unwanted and hard to reach. Shaving can leave embarrassing cuts, ingrown hairs, razor burn and razor rash, and missed stubble. But did you know there is an easier solution than shaving every day?

We sat down with one of our Ballantyne clients, Ed, who found that solution with Laser Hair Removal at Sona MedSpa. He began his treatments in January 2014 and since then laser hair removal has been life-changing.

What made you decide to get laser hair removal?

I spend a lot of time doing outdoor activities, swimming, running, playing on the beach. As I started to get older I noticed a lot more hair on my back which didn’t look good so I was not taking off my shirt, and it was very uncomfortable because of the heat. I was also getting some harassment from a few of my friends who thought my back looked like a bear. I had a wax treatment a few years back but it was very painful, and the hair grew back. I was always thinking about laser hair removal to solve this problem.

How has laser hair removal changed your life?

It has helped me so much with my confidence; I can take off my shirt at the beach without feeling bad about the ugly hair on my back. It has made me start to exercise again and I have lost around 20 pounds over the last year, and my doctors are so happy because I don’t need to take medication for high blood pressure or high cholesterol. All these great things started to happen when I started laser hair removal at Sona MedSpa – It gave me a reason to get in shape!

Why did you choose Sona MedSpa for your laser hair removal?

I chose Sona because of the great staff! They make you feel so at home with your treatment, everyone from the front desk to the technicians to the nurse, they are always so kind and friendly. Also, the high-level spa environment is a great feel. It makes you want to come back every time.

Would you recommend Sona MedSpa to your friends and family?

Yes! I can say any time the topic comes up or someone notices my back, I tell them how great Sona is and they need to make an appointment right away!


You’ve heard Ed’s story, now start your own story with Laser Hair Removal at Sona MedSpa.

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